Frequently Asked Questions

What is Iron Coalition?
Iron Coalition is an Alberta-based Indigenous-driven organization with the sole purpose of achieving ownership in the Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMX).

Iron Coalition has been mandated by the Assembly of Treaty Chiefs (AoTC) to pursue this ownership, and is providing all Métis communities and First Nations in Alberta the opportunity to secure ownership in the pipeline and bring economic benefit directly back to their communities.

How do I become a member of Iron Coalition?

By taking the below actions, your Alberta-based First Nation or Métis group can join efforts to become part of Iron Coalition:

  • Commit $1000 to Iron Coalition as a pledge of exclusivity.
  • Sign an exclusive agreement with Iron Coalition.
  • Sign a Band Council Resolution (BCR) and/or receive board motion from Métis community.
What does my $1000 commitment go towards?

Your community’s $1000 signifies a membership commitment to Iron Coalition and is used to demonstrate exclusivity to our group.

Why should I become a member?

Iron Coalition provides its members with an opportunity to generate revenue through ownership of the TMX pipeline that can be invested back into your communities with no capital costs. Exclusive membership is an important part of Iron Coalition because it strengthens our chances of achieving a business deal once the pipeline is for sale.

Why should I become a member of Iron Coalition versus other organizations with similar goals?

Unlike some of its competitors, Iron Coalition working group does not receive a profit. All profits will be directed back to each member community based on ownership share and community population. We are community-focused, and we are inclusive of all Indigenous groups within Alberta. Aligning with the Iron Coalition gives the power of critical mass in a transparent way to produce the best outcome for all communities.

How will ownership be attained?

All Iron Coalition members will receive an equal ownership interest in the TMX pipeline with no up-front capital. From there, all member communities will have the option to secure additional ownership in the TMX pipeline dependent on the financial capability of each community based in strictly commercial terms.

Is the proposal only open to communities along the pipeline route?

No. All First Nations and Métis communities within Alberta are invited to join Iron Coalition.

What is the initial buy-in required for members?

While there is no up-front capital cost associated with membership, Iron Coalition asks that any Alberta-based First Nation or Métis community interested in becoming a member provide a $1000 commitment as part of an exclusivity agreement to Iron Coalition.

Why is Iron Coalition only Alberta-based? What about the British Columbia portion on the pipeline?

Iron Coalition is an Alberta-based business that is focused on the economic prosperity of Indigenous communities within our province. Consolidating around a single Alberta based entity gives us the power to negotiate the best deal possible on behalf of all Indigenous communities in Alberta.

The B.C. portion of the pipeline is equally as important – Iron Coalition is hopeful that a B.C. group will emerge based on the same principles as Iron Coalition and then together we will be able to negotiate the best terms possible for all communities.

Where can I find more information about Iron Coalition? How do I contact Iron Coalition?

For more information about Iron Coalition contact